Meet My Loves

My first and foremost love relationship is with Christ! I am absolutely head over heels about this man and it began when I was a child.

I was brought up in a church that is full of the holy ghost and some incredibly loving pastors & people. We moved on when I was fairly young for my dad’s work but I remembered the church and it’s pastors the entire time we were away. When we moved back to the area, my parents weren’t going to church anymore but I found a ride with people that did go there and at 8yrs old I accepted Christ. From 8yrs old (21yrs now) He has been my absolute, solid rock, my keeper, my strength, my direction and the only VOICE I follow. I am in love with a man I have never seen yet I see a glimpse of Him daily in others as they express the love of God thru their life. I especially get to see this one on one with my husband. A lover, a pleaser, a giver….honored to call him mine.

My 2nd Love is my husband, Dereck. I as child went to a church camp where my pastors were a part of the board. At that camp I received my prayer language and the desire from a young age to attend their bible school. I said at a young age that I would attend and I would meet my husband there. I graduated high school and attended school there, eventually joined staff and a couple years later entered into a relationship with the man I said my “I do’s” to on December 2007. Dereck was born and raised in South Louisiana and has then energy of 5 preschoolers. Not saying he is a child but if have ever been around that age you’ll understand. A child that age can go and go and go because everything in life is so exciting..they hate to miss anything. That is Dereck! Everything in life is so exciting he wants to be everywhere with everyone all the time and has the energy to keep up with him and being 6′ 3″ the mobility too. As a child going thru a divorce with my own parents, my prayer for my husband was that he loved God more than me and that he would love my children and I more than work/money. I wanted someone with a great sense of humor and I wanted someone tall and handsome with dark hair. I got everything I prayed for that is certain. And all of his energy comes in handy with our oldest son, Maddox.

I never knew how much God could teach one about the love He has for us as His children and how much I would learn about me. Well let me tell you, on December 10, 2009 we welcomed the first little boy in our life that would rock my world. We welcomed Maddox Christian into our lives at 11:46am and our love grows more everyday for him. He is full of life and energy and momma’s little boy the rest of his life. From the moment we held him God began to show us in new depths the love for us as a father. Maddox is developing into such a funny and generous little boy. I absolutely love holding a conversation with him because his expressions and phrasing keeps me smiling. He is such a perfect balance of mine and Dereck’s personalities. His biggest and sweetest attribute…his love for people. He expresses it with a stranger along our walks, a close friend of our or his siblings. He showed us his amazing ability to love a sibling at 15mos of age when we welcomed his little sister, Miss Aubrey.

Aubrey Janelle, the most adorable, silly fun loving little 1yr old I have ever met. We welcomed into our lives on March 9,2011. She was the one that taught me that a mother or parent period has no limit on the amount of Love on the inside. She is the one that has taught me, yes you can love a second just as much as the first child. And you can love them for many of the same things and many different things too. She is the little girl that showed her daddy that he was capable of falling in love with love with a girl 23″ long and being at her beckon call. She is sassy, funny adorable and loves her brothers. She waits for them to wake up in the morning or at nap time. She normally gets up after Maddox in the morning greeting him with a smile and anticipates the first sign of movement from her baby brother, Malachi.

Malachi is our newest addition. We welcomed into our lives on June 22nd, 2012. The day after his daddy’s birthday might I add. He is the one that, though I have stated many times I wanted 4 children, may have completed our family. From the moment I recognized movement in the womb, I knew this would be my “chilled” baby. My other two are SO SUPER active and while Malachi will be able to run with the best of them I think he’ll enjoy sitting at home on the weekend with Mom and Dad playing games. I am relishing the moments with him so much more it seems. Long nights, early mornings, 2dozen feedings (a sore chest), poopy diapers & a demanding schedule added to a 1 & 2yr old. He is so precious and I anticipate watching him run around and play with his big brother and sister. As for now, I am loving on my baby “baby” boy.

These love relationships are
what make me who I am today and shape who I become tomorrow. I absolutely love where I am in life as a child of God, wife and mom but I would be lying to say I have not done it with out laughs, tears, shaking a finger or raised voice all at moments. I hope you enjoy the stories and personal life lessons to come. As each one
Continues to shape me and our family.







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