Muffin Top Mom

I often times struggle with the reality that my sz 8 figure is further in sight than I like. I now have this distorted plump figure that I am not so familiar with. Have I been heavier than a sz 8…yes but not this sz. I now have the jeans that dare I say give me…the M word. You know that spillage just over the top that looks like a muffin top

So how do I embrace where I am while trying to get where I wanna be….? Well, let’s look at my obstacles:
1) I love to cook for my kids and others
2) I like to bake sweet treats
3) I wanna get up early but don’t get much sleep
4) I could use nap time but if I am not rotating rooms, I am picking up messes
5) After Dereck gets home, but I am prepping dinner, doing dishes & hopefully getting a bath

So how do I fix this? How do I embrace this not so comfortable post baby shape…a little more lipstick, a fresh haircut, putting on heels and jewelry when i can and making one small change a day that benefits my eating habits and activity level. For now, I am adding more water and eating healthy snacks between my meals. It’s not where I wanna be, but with small changes, I will get there. 😉


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