Mommyhood 101

Ever meet someone that has left the season you are currently in and they seem to lack compassion for your season. I have been thru alot of junk in my family growing up so I consider myslef to be pretty tough. But the one season that has brought me to tears alot more often…mothering and mothering toddlers/preschoolers. It’s beautiful and amazing and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE. But it is work and it is alot of work on very little sleep. Often times people with older kids will try and offer peace by saying…it’s gets tougher or you haven’t seen anything yet. A statement like that says…toughen up butter cup. And it burns me up. The audacity of someone to minimize the need for love and encouragement in someone’s life by telling them comments like that. Then, I remember comments I have made to people who complain how tired they are as a single person or with just one child. I am so guilty. You see I remember how tired I thought I was a single girl living life all hours of the day and night. I remember how motherhood felt with just one child at moments. I had nothing else to compare it to so to me…it was rocking my world. But with every season change in my life whether it be location or adding another little, I realize how easy life really was before. Not that it’s hard now but I remember in the moments it felt tough, if the stronger me could go back…I would’ve handled every situation a little better. Not perfect…but better. So as I approach new seasons and people minimize the stage I am in I remind myself of this…I pray I never forget the seasons I have walked thru. I pray my heart always go out to anyone who is a mom with any age of children but that I always offer a helping hand to mom’s with toddler and preschoolers. Because it is tough and with a little more rest, and a little more of God’s grace…you’ll do even better at what you’re doing. By age 5 and 6 most of a child’s moral standards, dietary habits and life patterns have already been shaped for the rest of their life. You wanna know why being home with little people is so hard and demanding, because in those five short years you really are shaping them for the rest of their life. Giving up your status and identity is hard. Giving up all the praise, regard and reward is very unrewarding feeling somedays but it’s the best thing we will ever do. Will we travel far..probably. Will we preach a world shaking message that changes lives…it’s possible. But the most important job and gift we will ever be given in life are the people God gave us as a spouse and children. I truly believe that. So just do the best you can with what you have. Ask for help. Take a nap. Don’t overload your schedule. PRAY


So good rule of thumb for me is…just because I have never been where someone has been or I have been and walked thru realizing it gets easier…I will not minimize the experience that someone else is currently facing. Love, compassion, love compassion, love, compassion….it’s life changing.



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