We have all heard that

“comparison is the thief of joy”

and it’s so true. Most times I am quick at catching myself and reeling in my thoughts when starting to compare myself to others. But what about comparing yourself to someone that you would never think is a problem to compare to? Comparing yourself to you…your old self.

You see I find myself mostly competeing not with other people, I don’t care to keep up with the Jones’s, I do not tend to jump in the bandwagon of someone else’s ideas or opinions, I don’t really follow trend BUT I compare myself. And I compare myself to me. You see a few years ago(like 7.5-8)…I was single. I had a thirst for God that wasn’t ever really quenched. I loved people so much I was up late and up early to be with Jesus. And after my Jesus time or even during, I would walk or run. I ate a low carb life and I felt better than ever. I was fit, healthy, I had a job where I was loved on praised and felt very significant, I had a wardrobe that didn’t consists of being covered with snot or spit up or bleach stains from cleaning house. Oh and a clean house….I remember when I had that in fact once I cleaned it…it stayed pretty clean. I remember when the days were long and I was still able to take care of myself. I spent time getting my nails and feet done. I bought myself clothes…I was worth the investment because I loved making sure I took care of me so I could take care of others. Not like physically take care of them but be there for people. I USED TO BE GREAT!!!


Sadly but so true, often we are so much in a competition with a person who doesn’t exist. Our old self. And maybe it’s just me because I am super confident in the person I use to be ;), but I have a feeling that I am not alone. But that person, doesn’t exist anymore. And what I have to remind myself somedays, (alot of days) is that I am not that girl anymore. I used to be great…yes I was. And selfish! The woman I am today, I am no longer a girl, is much stronger, much wiser, much more compassionate, more reliant on God and his grace then ever before, much prettier not because of my shape but because my chiseled heart loves thru my eyes..words…and actions. And I am no longer great…I am awesome! As are you! You are better today because of the moutains you are standing on the other side of. You are far more beautiful than ever before because you have allowed circumstances to soften your heart and not harden them. You are more valuable than rubies because you have allowed God to filter the things you say and love the unloved. With every passing day, you are no longer the person you use to be…you are even better. 🙂

When we struggle with the idea of who we once were and the reality of who we are…remind yourself of this


It’s never bad to reflect, to recognize what God brought from but never let it discourage the person you have become. Let it encourage and inspire you.
Comparison is the thief of joy and the slyest of all is the comparison to your own self.


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