Woodwork & Projects

So a few months ago when my kids started back to school, I had time to do projects that had been put on the back burner. Redoing our old furniture was the main one. I discovered in that process…I had a new hobby. I really enjoyed it. I then had to courage to venture out for new things. My sister in law sent me a pic on day and said, “Ya’ll should make this.” It was a picture of a table. I had been wanting to tackle alot of pintrest ideas bit didn’t have time or was intimidated by the idea of the projects. Either way, she sparked a great idea. From I presented Dereck with the idea and was all on board. From there we started building tables and benches. Some Wood projects all over a sudden seemed so effortless. Before long, all the kids were helping. Building is quickly becoming something we all enjoy a very much and is “A Family Thing.”

Thus sparked the idea for the name our little side business.

In the process of different projects, I learned some really interesting things about furniture and what it takes to redo and build. Being someone in church and in ministry a long time now, you must realize.. everything will quickly become a sermon. I heard Cindy Cruise say something like this one time and she was so right. Haha! So yes…I would like to share a little something about 2 of the processes we have been using and what I have learned.

First…finding the furniture. Most times you have stuff you may wanna redo so you grab it and go with it. But most often times, you seek a piece out. You hunt thru friends and families homes, garage sale shop or stake out local goodwill and resale shops. I have cased a few goodwills 😉 in search of finding a unique peice. And when I find it…I grab it up quick so no body else can take it. Then…I begin to refinish and distress.

Distressing furniture and decor is so common now days. Everyone knows how and is doing it. The process…you sand it, stain it (or paint), paint it(a top layer if jot staining), distress it and seal it. Has anyone ever wondered while distressing a peice…DID I REALLY JUST WORK THIS HARD TO GET IT THIS PERFECT ONLY TO JACK IT UP? Please tell me I am not. But seriously…you paint a peice to perfection only to go mess it up. In fact, most of my distressed mark are very intentional. What is even more insane…is that me messing it up and distressing it, just added value to that peice. It has now become more valuable that if sold perfectly flawless. Why??? Because that is someone’s time invest into each and every layer and mark.

Next, is simply building a peice from scratch. You go find the right wood, measure, cut, put together with grooves/joints, glue, screws and so on. You finish putting the entire thing together and then sand the entire peice as a hole. Once all the knots and roughness are smoothed out…you prepare the wood for stain or paint. And when you are all finished…it’s this incredible masterpiece that you didn’t even know your were capable of building.

So why you might ask are these processes so fun to me? Glad you asked. Maybe at times you feel like you are alone, forgotten about, useless and have little to no purpose but just like that peice of furniture I have cased out a goodwill for…God is seeking you. He wants to find just what He’s looking for and when He does, He will grab it up and take it to beautify it.

Distressing…so often we work so incredibly hard to get it right and get it perfect. We spend hours and thought processes to perfect every area. Then your hit by this circumstance in life that caught you off guard. You start getting hit left and right thinking this is “poo” and I can’t believe what I am walking thru. I would love to believe…in those moments, God is distressing us. His marks and oh so intentional and not only do the circumstances if we allow it to make us more beautiful, it will literally make us more valuable. God can work with perfect, He is perfect. But perfection doesn’t reaching the hurting. Compassion and love does. And that usually comes from being distressed.

Last, building a project. When putting the perfect group or ideas together we feel we have all the perfect people, ideas and abilities to see it all come together. But then, people leave, things don’t work out as planned and all of a sudden…we as a group start walking thru some tough spots. Can I tell you that I have a pretty good idea why God allowed His son to be a carpenter. Without knowing the building process…Jesus may not have had so much insight to the fact that His life, was a project being built. That when people betrayed him, it was simply taking a bowed board out, replacing with that perfect fit. When walking the journey to his death…He may have realized, this is my sandpaper experience. Father, you are getting all the knots and splinters out so that I can be all things for all people and be before you without spot or blemish. Because after that…he would be stained with a color that marked him for life and that color made him beautiful and it made him the very masterpiece of God’s eye. So perhaps you are in a church, staff or group of friends and you’re being roughed up right now, walking thru some junk..be encouraged, it’s your sandpaper season. Next up is the beautification process and then display.

Wherever you are…be encouraged with these as I have been. He really does love you and me. His desire to have us is great, His lessons may be tough at moments but he is simply making us more valuable to others. And when the sandpaper season is at hand..smile and just be prepared to start being shined up and displayed
. 😉